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    Hidden neath the ground mist
    on a bed of mud and rice
    a red snake in my trousers
    biting once, then biting twice

    I could feel the burning pain
    I needed to cry out
    but had to keep my silence
    there's an enemy about

    They taught me to conceal this pain
    be strong, not think nor feel
    yet only snake bites later
    it's a very rotten deal

    Reached down and took my belt off
    then wrapped it round my thigh
    pulled it tightly to my skin
    fell back and wondered why

    Only ten months earlier
    my girlfriend sitting near
    while my radio was blasting
    "Somethings Happening Here"

    I wanted to shout "Medic"
    but we'd been under fire
    now hidden by this ground mist
    pinned down things getting dire

    But still I had my weapon
    a soldier on the ground
    loaded cocked and ready
    not making one small sound

    We'll do what we've been sent to do
    with intention to survive
    just make it through another day
    we have to stay alive.

    The mist is getting thinner
    I now can see the trees
    with helmets popping out of fog
    I'll soon be to my knees.

    With an eagle's keenness
    my eyes dart here, then there
    my buddies all surround me
    pointed rifles everywhere

    Seemingly sureal
    the enemy is gone
    not a single round is shot
    on this southeast asian dawn.

    I was carried back to camp
    by Willie, Phil and Greg
    a poison running through my veins
    a swollen purple leg

    Doc shot me with some serum
    I'll live to fight once more
    to do what I've been sent to do
    our country is at war

    Now that it's all over
    I look back now and then
    and think, how did I make it through?
    yet I'd do it all again

    I think of all the friends I'd lost
    the death the pain and sorrow
    forever changing young men's minds
    but thankful, there's tommorrow

    Posted By Juzjon | Jun 18, 2007

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