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    TrueBlue New Member

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    Jul 15, 2006
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    The first poet in the world
    What deeds did he do?
    What sights did he see?
    What words did he say?
    O, what words?!!
    What light did the first poet see?

    With a smile
    You stole
    My heart
    O, Love, I see
    You are inside me
    Inside my being
    Inside my very breath
    And soul
    Like my ancestory
    I see you
    Your sweet love
    Spirit encapsulated
    A timeless gesture
    I must honor
    With grace, with romantic words
    And with wild flowers

    You swoon my soul
    To sweet profound delight
    And wonderment
    A glorious gift
    Of life
    Divine in my heart
    Where you too do dwell
    You, too, a
    From an errant world
    Seeking home again
    With blind hopefulness
    And with optimism

    With a subtle word
    And a warm inviting look and your silent charm
    You showed me your beauty
    Such beauty
    A privacy held under
    Cool composure
    O, Gina, my woman of the earth
    You have shown me
    Eternity's intention
    And motion
    A future
    With you and me
    Together now
    And life's miracle of symmetry
    With this world's
    Hate Spurning further hate yet wrapped
    In life's holy arms
    With the tear of a dove and angel wishes
    Angel love, the artfulness of a ghostly father creator
    In a stronger love
    That bears all
    With patience
    And with infinite fortitude
    Endless mercy
    And unyielding compassion
    I am enamoured and with gratitude

    And with a swift hand
    you lifted me
    From me
    My desperation and sorrow
    My malaise of hopelessness
    And bitter neurosis of self torture
    In my solitude
    And belayed my grief
    My fear
    My resentments
    Of the other side
    O, you
    Reconnected me
    To my family
    To my heritage
    To my home
    My Earth
    The way to light
    And unspokenly let me know
    That the wars will end
    The agendas will wear away
    And all we will have is
    Eternity and love

    It is this love
    In which I call my love poems
    To you
    In hopes you would hear
    Just one sound
    For one moment
    Pure and true
    To touch
    A memory that will
    Stay strong
    For all the years
    Like a heirloom

    I just want to
    Hold you
    In my arms
    Near, dear
    Closely, near
    And sleep peaceful
    Enjoy our days
    And if you should
    Walk away from me
    One day, Onto
    More promising
    I can tell you this
    You have been
    My Woman of this Earth
    Girl of my heart, Song melody of such soul

    And, well, I ask again ...
    What did the first poet on Earth say
    And what did he talk about?
    I say he spoke only of this love
    The essence of my passions
    Collected shining in my heart, for you

    Through all the torrent, majestic, passionate worlds alive


    For the love of you and I

    Time will remember us

    Posted By TrueBlue | Dec 17, 2006

    KingAce JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Jul 13, 2006
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    Madison WI
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    Haven't seen your work in a while trueblue...always a pleasure to look upon a tad long to be honest but it was worth it, I really liked it how in the beginning it talks of what the first poet would have said then leads transitions into his life and him saying things; Just wonderful although I enjoyed the entire poem this stanza in particular I loved

    With a subtle word
    And a warm inviting look and your silent charm
    You showed me your beauty
    Such beauty
    A privacy held under
    Cool composure
    O, Gina, my woman of the earth
    You have shown me
    Eternity's intention
    And motion

    This was truely an amazing read; Thank you

    Posted By KingAce | Dec 18, 2006
  1. Lurking

    MsJacquiiC Poetica Magnifique

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    Jun 8, 2006
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    In a cloud of smoke...
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    Yes! An amazing read no doubt ---- I'm enamored of your words PAUL - this poem is truly an amazing reverie... Oh - to be Gina! A lot of the ladies on here will be like: Damn - I wish I were Gina! Such passion bespeaks her enamored...

    Simply an exquisite write PAUL! Always a pleasure to read your stuff and this poem here is no exception... KING says a "tad bit long" --- But with such soulful and soul-filled murmurs - Length dare not matter!

    Enjoyed this one IMMENSELY PAUL! Thanx for sharing it - And if you so please - do comment on other poets' works --- I'm sure we'll all love your input on our stuff ;)


    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Dec 18, 2006
  2. Artistic

    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Channeling Rainbow
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    I will be the first to say...Damn - I wish I were Gina!! I am a fan of your work from the beginning, and you never let us down. You write extraordinarily exquisite love poetry. As we read the old classics today, of poems that are memorable, you will be remembered as one of the giants in this category, no doubt. Just seeing your name come up is an automatic must read. Beautiful!!Thank you for making me feel lovely, beautiful, and loved just by reading your poem. Take Care. :bravo::topofthemornin:


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