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  1. Angelic

    stardust JPiC Contributor

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    "The Last Flights. " (Story- Poem) Author: Stardust. (4-25-2008)

    The condor passes, it leaves its marks and path
    On the surface of the Earth and up on high.
    Birds are symbols of Freedom.
    The tempest roars under its wings,
    The mountains roll the mist gazing upon its flight.

    The earnest expression of commitment:
    Their loyalty to the same mate for life.
    The condor passes. Birds are symbols of Freedom.
    The flute begins to play as its bosom fly,
    While its eyes are watching the offspring
    Carefully placed on a hidden nest
    Up on a high hill, where the wind sings.

    The Andes Mountains:
    They draw high dreams upon the clouds,
    They are giant silhouettes drifting away up on high,
    The home and spirit of ancient civilizations,
    The whispers of rhyming whistles,
    The realizations of silent sounds,
    To condors, they are still giving shelter.
    No longer chain of mountains -on this Earth- is found.

    The condor passes through the storms;
    The view basks under its wings.
    These giant birds will glide ´till the end,
    When there won´t be any more Springs.

    These rare giant figures crossing the blue sky,
    Are flushing their wings like a thunder
    On the summit up on high.
    They watch and live their lives ´till the end,
    They are the riders in the air up on the sky.

    The condor passes nowadays.
    Soon, they will travel no more,
    For they´re endangered rare species
    In a way to extinction.
    Lord, reach me out there, listen to my prayers!!
    Don´t let them be sent to oblivion!!

    When condor passes, the sky roars a thunder,
    The mountains stand tall and brave.
    Rocks feel the impact of its wondrous pass.
    Although, they´re standing still and safe.
    Birds are symbols of Freedom.
    The glowworms only guard their sleep,
    as mother nature claims its feast.

    The great condor passes with its majestic nature.
    Birds are symbols of Freedom.
    Let me soar on freedom´s wings!!
    So, the true message to the World, I´ll bring...
    My deep heart over the condor will happily sing.

    The requiem begins... Time is running short,
    And when roaming is finished
    Then, time strikes and says no more.
    So, condor´s life exhales and it´s over...
    The epitaph is signed with the rain,
    For the last flights haven´t been in vain.
    The condor´s lonely body lay on the ground.
    The weeping mountain shed a tear,
    For that falling condor, who -to earth- was bound.
    I shall always remember symbols of Freedom.

    Author: Stardust. (4-25-2008):sign_welcome:

    Posted By stardust | May 14, 2008

  2. Depressed

    butchiesmom JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    In a trailer, on a hill.
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    My mind, Starry, is a bit clouded (meds) so I'm having trouble processing this, but plan to come back to it. As far as I can see, this is beautiful!

  3. Angelic

    stardust JPiC Contributor

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    Oh, sweet friend, Gail!!
    Thank you soooo much for taking your precious time to read my poem and offering your wise appraisals and kind comments!! I have made some changes in the verse..."Let me soar on freedom´s wings!!" I prefer that kind of message to the readers. Plus, I also corrected some mistakes. Please, READ IT AGAIN, sweetheart. Let me know what you think about it, dear Gail. This poem is very special to me. I plan to make a VIDEO-POEM with it. My computer instructor is going to help me in the production of the flash-presentations with lovely pictures and music in the background. I hope, he can do it for me. We began to work on it... I already picked out the pictures and the music. So, my computer instructor will have all the tools to make my dream come true. If I ever get it, I may send you my special video-poem, as a tribute to this rare endangered species on Earth. You should take a look at the map in South America, and see the Geography about the "ANDES MOUNTAINS IN SOUTH AMERICA", where just a few condors fly, if there is any left. Well, I say Bye for now, sweet Gail. I hope, you enjoy reading my special poem. I really took a long time to finish it, and I worked so hard in the composition of it. I believe, this one is my best story-poem.
    God bless you, sweet Gail!!

    Posted By stardust | May 16, 2008

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