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    cole New Member

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    Aug 23, 2013
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    Thinking about you …

    So as I sit at work and go through my daily motions
    Of pretending to work but not really working..
    I often find my self just day dreaming and

    I think about you like crazy … like
    How A thinks about being C
    Or B seeing D
    E effing G
    And H eyeing J

    I think about you like night thinks about turning into day
    How Tyler Perry thinks about plays
    Employee’s think about getting paid
    Rich think about making money
    Poor thinking about making money
    Thinking about you the world makes … cents

    I think about you like
    Veins think about blood
    And hearts think about beating
    Fat people think about eating
    Eyes think about seeing
    Cuts think about bleeding

    I think about you like
    Heroin thinks about needles
    Needles think about junkies
    And junkies think about being high
    Thinking about you makes me high
    Like the clouds in the sky , my PUSHA LOVE GIRL.

    I think about you like
    Soul thinks about Sade, jill Scott, Lauryn hill , Ms. Arie and badu
    R&B thinks about dwele , john legend, aaliyah, JT , and Robin Thicke
    Rap thinks about Tupac Biggie Kendrick and Eminem
    Rap thinks about what it has become
    Rap thinks about who the fuck soulja boy and 2 chainz knew to get on
    Rap thinks about if anyone is gonna out rap Kendrick…. Well Wait
    And who the hell told nicki minaj she was hot
    Rap thinks about flashy cars, jewelry money
    and hoes

    Gardner’s think about hoes
    Stereotypes think about Mexicans being the only gardeners
    And kids think about making jokes saying you’re a “garden tool”
    Basically a hoe …

    And hoes think about wearing no clothes
    And hoes minus clothes makes you think about bitches on poles
    I think a lot about you

    I think about you like the air thinks about oxygen
    And the wind thinks about the trees
    And boys think about birds and bees
    And bees think about honey
    And honey thinks about being sweet
    And honey you are sweet

    I think about you like
    Loners think about twitter
    Fake models think about instagram
    Ugly pictures think about filters

    I think about you like hands think about holding
    Smiles think about glowing
    Love thinks about loving
    Hate thinks about loving
    Lies think about truth

    I think about you like
    EXs thinking how bad they fucked up
    Broke niggas thinking they down on they luck
    Playas think about playing
    Liars think about lying

    As you can see I sit and think about you all day
    I think about everything

    Honestly like Shihan says I just be
    Thinking of you thinking of me thinking of you thinking of me thinking of you

    Hoping that you’re thinking of me too.

    Written By:
    COLE L .

    Posted By cole | Aug 23, 2013

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