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    We are correcting the misused and mistreated and 'writing' their wrong... Pun intended.

    1. accept: to receive; to answer positively
      except: not including; everything but

    2. anxious: worried/nervous
      eager: excited/looking forward to

    3. affect: to pretend; to influence
      effect: a result

    4. assure: to make certain (such as with a person)
      ensure: to make sure (such as with a thing)
      insure: to provide or obtain insurance

    5. beside: at the side of
      besides: in addition to

    6. between: two items that are related
      among: three or more things related

    7. choice: a decision or an option
      choose: to make a decision
      chose: past tense of choose

    8. compliment: to praise
      complement: something that completes

    9. farther: literal or physical distance
      further: to a greater extent

    10. fewer: comparative with plural items
      less: items that are singular

    11. imply: to suggest
      infer: to deduce

    12. its: possessive form of it
      it’s: contraction for it is or it has

    13. lay: to place, which is always followed by an object
      lie: to recline
      **For present tense only. Tip: If you can replace the word in question with put, then use lay.

    14. nauseated: not feeling well
      nauseous: disgust
      As per Merriam Webster: nauseous = causing nausea or disgust.
      Nauseated means “experiencing nausea,” whereas nauseous means “causing nausea”—in other words, offensive or loathsome. If you feel a queasy sensation in your stomach, you are nauseated; only if you cause other people to be ill are you nauseous.

    15. set vs. sit:
      In general, set refers to an object ("Set the materials down on the table") and sit does not ("She sat for an hour, waiting for the bus").

    16. that vs. which
      • "Which" is frequently used to introduce a nonrestrictive clause, a phrase that isn’t necessary or supplies additional information and is usually set off by commas.

      • For example: The burned CD, which she received from a friend, wasn’t as great of quality as the original from a music store.

      • "That" is used for introducing restrictive clauses that refer to things, phrases that ARE essential to the meaning of the rest of the sentence.

      • For example: The CD that consists of all of the band’s top-ten singles is her favorite.

    17. that vs. who/whom
      • In most cases, "who/whom" is the standard form when referring to human beings, especially in regards to an individual person. "That" is used when referring back to a class, species, or type. "Which" should never be used in reference to humans.

      • A correct example with "who": She goes to the hairstylist who is the best.

      • A correct example with "that": He is the type of hairstylist that should charge more because he is the best.

    18. their: possessive form of they
      there: in or at that place
      they’re: contraction for they are

    19. whose: possessive form of which, who
      who’s: contraction for who is

    20. your: possessive form of you; belonging to you
      you’re: contraction for you are

    [ Source: WritersRelief.com ]

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    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Feb 7, 2007

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    What got you to post this thread? :D

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