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    Trulyana New Member

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    ~~This poem was created for a competition, and inspired by school and a locker.~~

    Across the deep hall, down near the office where the big people meet,
    There lies a row of shiny silver boxes, and a patter of tiny feet.
    Secret locker number two two five, is anticipating it's unlock,
    By a kid in term nine, who is always filled with a bloody nose block.

    Jimmy the giant bully, he's such a nasty piece of work,
    He beats up kids on their breaks, and acts like such a dork.
    Just the other day, he collected that kid in term nine,
    And beat him to a pole, down by the yard line.

    The kid in term nine, has a secret combination to he's locker,
    I wish I knew what it was, so I could turn into the class rocker.
    I'd like to take a peek into secret locker number two two five,
    As the kids tell me, it's where my dreams will come to life.

    I saw the kid today he was hanging near the lockers beside Jimmy,
    The kid was bleeding, and looked scared when he gave away he's secret, silly willy.
    Jimmy opened the kids bag, and got out he's key and came towards the locker,
    I grabbed my chance, and stood in front of it, like a superhero blocker.

    Jimmy threw in a punch and I ducked, then I pushed him on the floor,
    The big people rushed to see, and dragged us both by ear to the office door.
    A big man shouted, and we got punished for being bad and out of line,
    All that trouble for protecting that locker and the kid in term nine.

    By Ana Gonçalves. Me :)

    Posted By Trulyana | Mar 18, 2008

    reasonrhymer New Member

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    Sep 2, 2007
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    Hey Ana,

    This was cool. I like it when the bully gets his due. It be nice to shove Jimmy in that locker and lock him up for awhile.


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