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    Malekelm New Member

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    Dec 9, 2011
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    I tried to tell
    The truth in a poem
    Tried to pull it out
    My gut where it
    sat pressing on my lungs
    But the words never
    Came up from their place
    Took a cheap,
    rusty coat hanger
    metal-wire with a thin
    coat of chipping white paint
    untwisted the head
    cracking, flaking, bending
    straigtening it out
    like a broken arm
    Crude line and hook
    Dipping into the ocean
    Of my soul where
    All the thousand truths
    I felt swimming inside
    Managed to get away
    It poked within
    Swished and swatted
    I veered left
    The truth swam right
    I took a butter knife
    lined it across my
    butter-caked stomach
    Picking out
    A section in the sea
    where the truth
    seemed heavy--deep
    I cut. It came,
    Seeping out
    Flowing for the first
    Instantly relieved
    Letting it spill, spill.
    It took a moment
    It took two moments
    Then I could smell it
    See it and realize
    Almost as if I should
    Have always known
    As if a part of me
    Had always known
    I cupped my hands
    It was truth
    And it wasn't
    Changed irreversibly
    Upon impact with the air

    Posted By Malekelm | Dec 13, 2011

  1. Thinking

    Minellis'Vertigo Member

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    Apr 8, 2012
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    Hi Malekelm
    I really liked this poem. Physically hunting down and trying to find the truth in yourself gave some great imagery to go with the thought.
    I thought this was really well written. To me it sounds sort oof impatient and desperate -you want the truth by any means.
    This line also stood out to me ,it reads great.
    Again I really enjoyed this poem, thanks!

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