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    MDMH89 New Member

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    Dec 12, 2006
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    In the world
    I see.
    Nothing is
    Crosses burn
    far off into the
    night and
    I bet venus and
    mars think that
    they're stars
    they burn so bright.
    For God right?
    Out of hatred?

    Look past your
    own vanity world
    and see a soul
    shines brighter.
    Not the kind
    that like to wither
    and bruise
    and bleed,
    but the true heart
    that fuels it.
    the kind that doesn't

    But thats asking
    too much
    isn't it.

    I live in a
    world where
    nothings sacred.

    Religious wars
    and such fueled
    have claimed
    millions of lives
    and I bet Jupiter
    and Saturn
    think that the bursts
    of red strewn
    fire fights
    emerging from
    our tainted world
    are really
    just supernovas
    and they get scared
    and hide,
    they never come close
    except a couple times
    a year maybe
    to see if its safe
    to get closer.

    But their afraid
    of black holes,
    and hell!
    Maybe thats what
    we really are
    a black hole.
    Traveling so
    fast towards a
    center of
    violence and
    inconvenient loss
    as well as truths,
    that even light
    speed can't post
    our bail.

    I live in a world
    where nothing
    is sacred.

    Where people
    can die tragic
    deaths, and
    bible thumpers
    can praise Jesus
    in the name of
    smite and damnation.

    I think the sun
    it can understand the
    wrath though.
    For I think that
    maybe the sun
    was once a world
    like ours.

    and the hatred;
    the justified
    worship of a
    false God brought
    it too the one thing
    it feared,
    a living breathing
    I bet satan
    calls the
    suns core home.
    Or maybe,
    we're the lucky
    ones that lay
    claim to his throne.

    At least that
    could explain

    I live in
    a world where
    nothing is

    But don't we
    like it that way?

    We find ourselves

    No planets dare
    but instead,
    they stray away,
    as far as they can..

    I can't blame
    I bet those UFO's
    we see...

    Those are considered
    suicide missions,
    filled with crazy
    or brave pilots.

    You can tell some
    cant stand what
    they see though...

    Just look
    at Roswell...

    I bet they took
    one look at
    our blind faith
    and decided that
    there really was
    nothing to live for.

    I live in a
    world where
    nothing is

    But we like
    it this way...
    If we didn't,
    would we not go on?

    Posted By MDMH89 | Jan 14, 2007

    erikestabrook JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    gripping poem here I like this poem allot it really had nothing positive
    not all poems can be that way had allot of truths though very good
  1. Artistic

    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Channeling Rainbow
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    Dear Matt,

    I found this poem interesting, inviting, thought provoking, intriguing, conceptual, and has many emotions woven throughout. This read has something for everyone whether positive or negative, the view, or opinion. Thank you for sharing. Take Care.


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