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Discussion in 'Creative Traditional' started by ljgp, Nov 26, 2011.

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    He can't keep straight the joint between his front leg thighs
    and their pawed fores, dangling limply as the legs are lifted
    nails scrape the concrete, wetting with blood.

    The narrow hips lean, slanting one way in stillness;
    the planting of his feet give no foundation only a joint
    for the barrelled torso and bowed head to roll.

    In the eyes a look of bewilderment
    at his sudden fragility, no means to fight the growth
    over these limbs - once taut springs - of decay.

    His cornering and turning and three sixty degree spinning
    warranted new words
    his playful stoops and spins became whirly gigs.

    Dad creeps behind his back, claws and anger mocked with growl
    sends Bob off in wide eyed horror spinning away to return
    swooping close to the clasping hands then veering at the last.

    At home after the short bursts a body wound so tight
    and so quickly to uncoil, begins to wind again
    in sleep rabbits run past, wits wont join his twitching legs.

    sometimes he sits like the sphinx
    or with backlegs joining the tail outstretched behind
    the flatness of his tailed rump like a sting ray skirting the sea bed.

    Or he sits upright, able to follow the clockwork of my parents moves
    half past five; time for mum to return from work
    the front gate's unlatching sounds, ears jolt,

    eyes widen to search for his rubber toy, walking towards the door
    growling with pleasure accompanying the sqeaking
    of the rubber between his biting jaws.

    Seemingly too refined a dog to mix with his own
    returning from forays to join us bipeds on an invisible lead
    when the sight of another dog interrupts his smell inspection of the greenery.

    To see him now walk as though on ice behind dazed drugged up eyes
    waking life becoming like the disemebodied dream of rabbits
    streaming past the eyes cased within a twitching body.

    Feeling now unwilling to stretch into the sinews
    of a body quicker in its passing than ours.

    So we likely see him come and go
    like bending our knees and necks
    to follow the tight arcs he traced in the fields.

    Posted By ljgp | Nov 26, 2011

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