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    Curtis Spider Lee Curtis Spider Lee

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    and this world was built just this once for us.
    To fix upon us the finer things in life... if we can hold.
    SSI if we grow old.
    Vote for me and I will provide my promise to you.
    All you want if you believe it true.
    And I,I will sit in among the bureaucrats.
    Feasting hard at the caucus like wild cats.
    And the democrats will have none of that.

    In the mean-while, good health to you all!
    I will fix the war, the people will catch me if I faultier.
    I will fix the war, I will search through black water.
    Medicaid is fine for those with less.
    And I, I will provide jobs for all, there is money to made.
    To be found like openings in a cage.

    Good enough, at least one could be paid.
    VotE For Me!
    Republican again!
    The delicate delegates dance begins.
    Give me funding, thats my perquisite.
    I'll promise to reduce the deficient.
    Yes, I'm conservative, and I will meet with all in bipartisan.
    If they can drop one-hundred-thousand!
    I take the stage doing the running-man.
    In a sea of red ties, I'm making angels.
    And my opponents can't find my angles.
    Nominate mee, your new candidate.
    Liberal with hand shakes lying like snakes.
    I've got Peace and Love for a change!
    Just watch and you'll see.
    Super Tuesday you know where I'll be.
    VotE For Me!

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