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    Sally Roberts Forestdawn

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    Wolf Creek, Oregon
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    Waiting For The Light To Change

    While waiting for the light to change,
    driving nowhere- out of town.
    Wishing, wanting time to stop,
    or simply just slow down.

    Exhausting pressured days ahead
    weigh heavy on the mind,
    Waiting for the light to change
    and leave it all behind.

    Lightening strikes the evening sky
    and flashes through the night,
    Expelling pictures- fade to black
    an eerie haunting sight.

    Too quick to blanket into void
    this scene of grief and loss,
    Flashed for seconds in the light
    on a little wooden cross.

    Worn days events begin to fade
    when gazing on this scene,
    While holding back the choking tears
    before the light turns green.

    It only takes but moments
    for life to end so strange,
    And how quickly thoughts will detour
    waiting for the light to change.

    Sally aka Foresdawn

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    PaintedDiary JPiC Mentor

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    Jun 23, 2006
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    Channeling Rainbow
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    Dear Ms Roberts,

    What a different concept you have woven into your canvas. I like the fact that you took something we wait for everyday, several times a day (may even take for granted), as waiting for the light to change. Then, incorporate this with precious moments of life, life that can change at any moment, and never come back, yet the light will continue to change. The rhyme and meter in this was right on point. This was a heartfelt piece in addition to the beautiful form it portrays. Lovely..... Thank you for sharing.

    Painted Diary aka Kimberly

    Tanax Member

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    Sweden, Stockholm
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    I love this poem, I really do.

    It got a nice rythm, and a good sence of rhymes.
    It just.. reach's me, can't tell you how, but it does.

    Good job! :)

    Posted By Tanax | Oct 13, 2006

    Jeez Banned

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    Aug 17, 2006
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    Hi Forestdawn,

    This is quite interesting
    it's as if your braiding a
    childs hair and telling of
    the passages of life, a
    verbal account of what
    you have noticed.

    Only you wrote it for
    all of us to learn as well.

    Thanks for the read.

    Posted By Jeez | Oct 14, 2006

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