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    ¤Me¤ New Member

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    Oct 19, 2006
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    The door creaked open,
    And in came her,
    Puffy eyes and hair more like fur,
    The exact image of my mother,
    And yet I couldn’t believe her being there.

    “I’m alright,”

    She had said,

    “Don’t you worry,
    My dear,
    Daddy decided to stay in town,
    He met up with some friends,
    He’d seen from the rear.”

    Yet the words that from her eyes bled:

    “I hope he’d stay till end of year”

    Next morning I awoke,
    To the sounds of footsteps,
    And the smell of smoke,
    I opened my door, and saw a pale skull,
    Thick fingers stroking the sand colored wall,

    The words written on his face,
    Like calligraphy,
    Written in a Korean melody,
    His eyes speaking as if in history,
    The shadow haunting every pace,

    It was my father,
    His smoke-scented coat hanging on the wall,
    His footsteps on the cold stone floor,
    His fingers lingering on every door,

    I slowly took a pace, downstairs,
    and around my face.
    I reached the kitchen, the voice of my mother scaring me,
    I pick myself up, smile, and speak,
    She doesn’t even lift her eyes,
    Doesn’t even take a peek,

    “Daddy came home after all,”

    I then said,
    Noticing my little sister get up from bed,

    “Yes, he did, that’s right,”

    And wrong, I saw her eyes continue.

    “I thought he wouldn’t come home for the night,”

    That day, we went to town,
    Glances only meeting ground,
    Daddy took off,
    Mommy took on,
    Mommy took off,
    Everything had gone wrong,

    While sprinting through the pages of Vogue,
    A heard a bit as they spoke,
    Levels, money, angry looks,
    someone calling honey,
    even law books,

    I had made it to page 150,
    Before they came down and stripped off our dignity,
    As if their souls had come to warn me,
    Told me to skip those pages,

    Mommy came inside,
    Her breath smelling of last nights wine,
    Her eyes still as quizzical and still not speaking,
    Her eyebrows low,
    Eyelids creaking,

    I made it to the second last page,
    Inevitable pain ran through my body,
    As if in a cage,
    Trapped with lions in insignificant range,
    I closed the magazine,
    Opened it again,

    I slowed down,
    Read every word letter by letter,
    Even with repetition,
    But my eyes shot to the look on my mothers face,
    And my father with a tissue.

    I felt a weight drop on my shoulders,

    I dropped the paper in my lap
    My thoughts in my brain,
    Dancing tap.

    “We have to tell you something,”

    She then said,

    We have to tell you something,

    I repeated in my head,

    That night I cried for eight hours before going to bed,
    That night everything changed,
    It wasn’t only the thoughts in my head,
    That had been rearranged.

    Instead of pebbles,
    The threw a rock on me,
    A big rock,
    Breaking me to pieces,
    Breaking me to pebbles,

    The next day, mommy pulled me into the car,

    “Let’s go for a little drive,”

    She told me,

    “Let’s go, it’s not that far,”

    We went to see daddy’s new house;
    Mommy cried 8 times,
    Daddy cried 9,
    My sister cried a zero times,
    And I,
    I talked to no one,
    Not even the reflection of mine,

    In the mirror, there were only fading laughing lines all over my face,
    Fastened steps alongside my mother,
    A double quickened pace,
    A wonder why my father still kissed my mother’s face.

    Posted By ¤Me¤ | Oct 14, 2007

    JolieH JPiC Contributor

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    Jul 3, 2007
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    This is a lovely narrative poem. It tells such a sad story common in American culture and more in other cultures also these days. Freedom doesn't come without pain. I like your use af symbols to express emotion.
    " Trapped with lions in insignificant range"

    The last stanza is visual and meaningful. The quiet, the quickened pase, and the father kissing the mother holds a lot of sentiment, especially from the point of view of a curious child.

    "In the mirror, there were only fading laughing lines all over my face,
    Fastened steps alongside my mother,
    A double quickened pace,
    A wonder why my father still kissed my mother’s face. "

    I love this "fastened steps."

    Posted By JolieH | Oct 14, 2007

    bloodletting_of_the_sky New Member

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    Aug 28, 2006
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    painesville ohio...
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    the pictures you used to describe how your family looked... made me feel like i saw everything through your eyes... all i can say is... this was the most haunting nightmare i have ever heard.. and the most horrific part of it was that it was true
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    Mysty JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Nov 1, 2006
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    Canadian Prairies
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    Wow .... and people think they know pain. But it is not real until someone experiences this. To have young ones hurt so bad...... brings me to tears. No one deserves to hurt so bad. Liisi my heart goes out to you and your sister. You wrote with honesty and such clarity of pain. I want to say it is a Beautiful write but the pain tears me. And I think it is meant to.


    Posted By Mysty | Oct 17, 2007

    ¤Me¤ New Member

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    Oct 19, 2006
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    Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it. It's been hard for me, and well, writing about it helps. At least for me it does.

    Posted By ¤Me¤ | Oct 18, 2007

    Smiley24_7 NOOB

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    Oct 11, 2007
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    It nearly brought tears to my eyes. You were so keen in describing the pain, that I felt it along with you. There is so much detail in what you say, that I can picture every movement and every ache. My heart goes out to you.

    Posted By Smiley24_7 | Oct 23, 2007

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