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    tamm0449 New Member

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    Nov 8, 2006
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    We the people united we stand,
    shoulder to shoulder holding one
    another’s hand.

    We the people the melting pot of
    the world are standing idly by as
    the War is unfurled.

    We the people Big Brothers of all
    Countries can not sit and watch
    as our young people, our fathers and
    mothers, brothers and sister fall onto
    a foreign soil not to come home, or
    maimed by the War forever not to walk
    again, or even perhaps not to talk.

    How much hatred and violence must they
    experience before their minds become sick
    with a terrible fear.

    How many loved ones do we need to
    lose until we stand up to the President
    And say enough is enough.

    End the War; bring our people home
    before we lose our most precious thing.
    Dignity, our people whom we love so much
    are giving their lives for weapons not to be found.

    We the people want our dignity to step
    up and let the people of Iran run their
    own Democracy and, stop playing Chess with
    one another’s men.

    We the people must speak our mind and when
    it comes time to vote change our mind.
    We the people are just as responsible for not
    forcing the President’s hand to sign an
    agreement to step out of Iran.

    Bring our soldiers home back to their jobs,
    back to their loved ones before one more
    Soldier falls on foreign soil only never to
    come home, and stand and tell all about the

    Our soldiers have spoken; and want to come
    home, saying the War is not a playing game.
    How can we win when suicide bombers are
    at every turn waiting for us or their own people
    to be burned?

    We the people must step up to the front and
    speak loudly and clearly saying, “Mr. President,
    admit that you are wrong.
    Your intentions to keep this War ongoing is
    terribly wrong.

    We the people must band together and sign
    petitions, and write to our Senators to end
    the siege that has befallen many of our very
    own men, who have children and wives left
    to make it on their own.

    We the people have a voice if we are brave
    enough to speak; and not to sit back as we
    watch the War killing people both children
    from Iran and innocent people who can’t
    stand and speak for themselves.

    We the people owe it to our own men to
    stand and fight on our own land with words
    of shame and disdain against a War that needs
    ended this very day.

    Stand up and clap if you agree that banded
    together we can bring our soldiers home and
    honor them with love and gentle care for all
    they have witnessed and had to bear.

    Come together and help end this war so that
    our families can be together once more.

    Written by: Tamara Lesley

    Posted By tamm0449 | May 21, 2007

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    butchiesmom JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Oct 20, 2006
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    In a trailer, on a hill.
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    Long, patriotic poem. I like the way you start most of the stanzas with We the people,...
    Thanks for posting this.

    tamm0449 New Member

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    Nov 8, 2006
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    Gail, Thank you for appreciating my poem. I agree that it is a bit long but there was so much to be said that without "We the people" it would not have made much sence. I woke up the other morning with this poem going through my head, so I had to get up and write it so that I would be left alone. I give thanks to your comments. Sincerely, tamm0449

    Posted By tamm0449 | May 24, 2007

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