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    JPiC Forum for Writers is an online community exclusively dedicated to the share of poetry and writing. As a continuing work-in-progress, our poetry forums host a melange of writing with new additions being posted daily. We encourage you to right now and come join us in our celebration of diversity with the typed word!

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    We are redesigning JPiC. Yes. Indeed! And it's about time too, as the past couple years has been a tumultuous ride of sorts for JPiC. It seems the wheels had fallen off at times. Yet we persevere.

    As such, I'm proud to announce that we have taken all member feedback into account over these past several months, and have decided to plunge head-first into a newly redesigned JPiC Forum For Writers! We're migrating to a brand-new forum platform and revamping the featureset. We're making huge progress too...

    Okay. Some of the more negative feedback we've gotten about the current site:

    1. This site is just too difficult to navigate.
    2. There's so many features, I don't know what to do. I'm confused.
    3. How the hell do I even post a thread in the forums?
    4. Why are there all kinds of popup ads here???
    I personally -- having patrolled the board for some time, becoming intimately acquainted with all our forum software's functionality-- have had no issues browsing & posting in our forums. Other members have less familiarity with the vBulletin platform, making their visit less-than-lovely.

    We aim to right this:


    1. The new site has a streamlined navigation design, which is both intuitive and simple to use.
    2. We have added some new functionality, deleted others (blogs, social groups, picture galleries and other features which truly remained covered in dust; they were hardly used) whilst maintaining a robust featureset you'll appreciate!
    3. The new site design makes posting super-easy. 1 or 2 clicks and you're off to the races, erm, poetry-posting-heaven.
    4. Sorry. JPiC Forum has never and never will make use of annoying popup or popunder advertisements. You should run your anti-virus program...
    On the topic of advertisements... Yes, we have made use of adsense ads in the past as a means of bringing in revenue. We will continue to do so. Most ads will show to unregistered guests. The new JPiC Forum, however, will offer an enhanced Premium VIP Membership upgrade. Premium VIP Members will see very few ads (if any). We are still working on this...

    At anyrate - We are SUPER-EXCITED about this new site design. It is a vast improvement on the current site. We can hardly wait to bring it to you!

    Our goal is to have the new forums online and ready for posting by Sept. 3, 2012!
    We will be closing the forum Saturday afternoon while we migrate all content to the new site.

    Please join us on Facebook and Twitter to keep apprised of new developments.

    Thanks for reading, and as always = continued happy posting.....as we aim to take flight on the wings of poetic bliss. Who needs wheels anyway.... Right? ;)

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    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Aug 28, 2012

We hope you're enjoying our forum!

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