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    She found herself laying face down upon her satin sheets.
    Not remembering, how or when she got there.

    It had been years since her mind had left her stranded.
    Not listening as she pleaded for attention.

    She did remember standing on her patio, watching
    the day as it passed into evening.
    Yet, there she was laying face down upon her satin sheets.

    (Clear thinking was a thing of the past)

    Thoughts slowly began to revisit her, awakening
    what was left of her being.

    What would she do now, who would she call.
    Her many friends has long turned from her.
    "Poor thing" she had heard them saying,
    quietly, yet she heard them.

    There were those that had laid hands upon her head,
    held hands in circles, speaking words unknown to her.
    A silent tongue, but nothing ever changed.

    At that moment a saying came to her.


    It was repeated over and over in her mind,
    Not waiting to be understood.

    She reached up high, arms well outstretched.

    "Oh God, have mercy upon my retched soul, let
    me pass, fade away to nothing give me peace,
    let me know what I must do, I cannot bear this
    burden alone"

    "Help me my Father".

    She fell to her knees, hands holding her tear
    streaked face asking over and over for God's

    Off in the distance church bells were ringing.
    Just barely touching each other, for the music
    was so softly heard.

    The music of the bells seemed to calm her, she felt
    peaceful, and as she lay there on her satin
    sheets, eyes were closing, sleep was on its

    But what of Tomorrow?.......

    Posted By mrsmajor | May 31, 2007

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