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    This is my first video so feel free to tell me what you think

    Wherefore art thou bae?

    Do you even exist
    Who is bae?
    That's a legitimate question
    Is bae someone you grow old with?
    Have kids with
    Someone you can't live without
    Someone you refuse to live without
    Someone who's imperfections make you love them that much more that youd get
    angry with them if they said they hated themselves
    And youd convince them to love themselves
    Is bae someone who keeps you up at night not just because of sexual
    activity but because the mere thought of them excites you to the point that
    your mind won't allow you sleep
    Is really that deep
    Is bae that person you can give a warm embrace to and every time your heart
    skips a beat to the point of feels like it might explode
    Like the weight on your shoulders has just unload
    Even though you have differed tastes
    They'll do their best to compromise
    Instead of scrutinize
    Joke about the serious things to lighten up the mood
    Offer to buy you food
    And forgive when you give them tude
    And theyll do that cute thing they find embarrassing just to hear you laugh
    Is that bae?
    Some one you feel safe with
    Someone who understands you
    And if they don't understand everything about you
    They'll do their best to try
    Cause they care
    The same person that doesn't care if you like dipping your bacon In yogurt
    But has a go at you because you dip your bread in your coffee because it
    leaves crums at the bottom
    Just cause you your used it
    That won't stop em
    Is that bae
    Or is bae someone you oblige yourself to be with
    There's no real connection but you can stand eachothers presence
    You give eachother superficial presents
    And don't admire eachothers essence
    The sex isn't great but hey its sex right?
    Better than being alone tonight
    Is bae someone who brags about your relationship on twitter
    And equivalates the success of the relationship through how many people
    know about you and them
    Someone you avoid addressing issues with
    If you and bae broke up would you feel anything?
    Would you convince yourself afterwards your feeling sadness but in
    actuality it's relief
    Realizing they weren't the one you wanted to keep
    If you call them bae are you aloud to call others bae?
    Or does that break a rule
    is that cool
    Do you ever tell bae you love them but It doesn't right
    It sounds forced
    Are we in a generation where my bae is more significant than my love
    Love used to be this huge word
    It used to be a privilege to say
    But today
    It just doesn't correlate the same way
    I love you?
    Now you can say it to anybody
    And it doesn't have to mean a thing
    Isn't that that the craziest thing ?
    Does bae ask what's wrong even though you did your best to hide your emotions
    but they still noticed
    Is bae my soul mate
    Or am I going to deep
    Or is bae just a word
    With no meaning at all

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