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    ‘Cowboy’ is my name and ropin’ is my game.
    Riding old ‘Dusty’ we searched by day, watching for the many wild mustangs.
    We rode endlessly throughout the day and into the dusk, not finding the
    wild mustangs that you can’t trust.

    Contracting cowboys are hard, tough ridin’ men working for that payday from the
    boss for food and fun and a life that only they can trust.
    Sorrels, paints, chestnuts and black in color; we watch quietly for the stampeding
    of the Stud leading his band of mares away from us.
    Today was a bust for there was not a whinny from one mustang hoss.

    Sitting by the fireside and listening to the men, the six of us exchanged tales of our wanderlust.
    Hearing the crackling fire and brewing up a stew, we anxiously await for our portion
    of grub and hot coffee as there was a slight chill.

    A knicker from ‘Old Tango’ tied alongside my horse, alerted us to an uncertain noise
    as we quietly pointed to Tom our boss to check out the intruder.
    As he crept to the horses we uttered not a word, waiting for some of the mustangs
    from the herd.

    Tom swung his lasso through the wind as it bent and whistled he dropped it over the
    head of a young nosey filly.
    She reared up and pawed the air, kicking and bucking and screaming for the big black Stud.

    Not one of us could be heard as they wrangled and fought one another with the dynamic force of emotions from filly to man to lessen his hold.
    Tom let out a low whistle meaning to get to our horses without a sound.

    Ducking and cursing the trees that surrounded us; we managed to sneak up to a wonderful sight of man and beast fighting one another in the bright moon light.
    There stood big Tom with his feet planted in the ground hanging on for dear life.
    His little filly didn’t want to be part of this fight, screaming and pawing to rid herself
    of this man holding on for dear life.

    A scream throughout the night was heard as the Stud came crashing along the trail with the raging and restless mares.
    No time for cursing, or even grabbing an extra rope, we jumped onto our horses as we surrounded the noisy filly screaming and fighting in the dark of the night.

    As luck would have it; we had left our gear still on the horses for fear of a stampede in the morning light.
    ‘Midnight Black’ we named the stud because he was massive and looked mean as a massive cougar cat.
    The filly was dragging big Tom but now he was yelling, as loud as the Stud.
    We surrounded the filly as big Tom threw his rope over her head and handed her off
    to one of the stronger men.

    We all cornered the Stud holding onto him with all our might as we stayed with ‘Midnight Black’ for the remainder of the fight.
    Tom was twisting and turning and writhing in pain as he held onto the rope for as long as he could.
    His leather gloves were wearing thin as he walked his hands up the rope to the horses’ neck and with a leap he was on Midnight Blacks’ back.

    The stud was raring, bucking and screaming as Tom was frantically holding on for his life.
    Tom had decided that he was going out in a blaze of glory; even if it meant that he would ride until
    Daylight riding the Stud who had never lost a fight.

    ‘Midnight Black’ had never encountered a man so strong and determined before.
    He wrapped his arms around his neck and entwined his gloves in the longest mane he had ever felt.
    ‘Midnight Black’ was finally growing weary and slowly began to burn out.

    Tom regained his strength with resolve, and smoothly and quietly righted himself on the Stud.
    He spoke soft words of love in the horses’ ear and the wild ‘Midnight Black’ began to understand that he liked the man on his back as he knew he was quickly wearing out.

    He stopped for a moment and remembered his fright; when he gave a buck that threw Tom a foot in the air leaving Tom wondering if that was fair.
    With the wind knocked out of him; Tom landed against the shoulders of the Stud of his dreams and, decided to ride out this circus of man and a mean beast.

    Cowboys were closing in to surround ‘Midnight Black’ and guide him into the old corral.
    Tom nodded to move to the side as he laid his head on the stud with a smile.
    He knew that he had won the fight even though ‘Midnight Black’ was back with a fight.

    They jumped and flew through the air with one last fight to make it fair.
    Tom rode his prize into the Okay Corral and the cowboys closed the gate with a sigh of relief.

    Tom dismounted and left the rope dangle, softly stroking him with the rope.
    ‘Midnight Blacks’ eyes were blazing, but you could tell that he was truly amazing.
    He pawed the ground and nickered with a sinister laugh.
    You could tell he was ornery but had a sense of fairness, and fondness for the man who won the fight of a night they would always remember.

    During those days you could see the Stud and Tom running the herd of wild mustangs.
    Trusting Tom, ‘Midnight Black’ made a vow that he would work for his food understanding the bond between one man and, the love he depended upon.

    Many a filly and a colt can be found throughout the land on your farm or mine with ‘Midnight Blacks’ background from many a year before yours was born.
    If you find one who is rank and mean, remember Tom and ‘Midnight Blacks’ night of dreams as they fought to lead and, learned together that they could become a team.
    Gentle your horse and treat him with love, because ‘Midnight Black’ is watching from up above.

    written by: Tamara Lesley Spiritual Harmony

    Posted By tamm0449 | Apr 21, 2007

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    Mysty JPiC Premium VIP Member

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    Nov 1, 2006
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    Brings me back to all the cowboy movies I used to watch with my Mum..... she loved John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies and just about any cowboy movies you could name. Thank You for sharing a write that took me back down memory lane :) Very visual descriptions. I truly could see it in my mind.


    Posted By Mysty | Apr 22, 2007

    tamm0449 New Member

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    Nov 8, 2006
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    Hi Mysty, I am glad that you enjoyed the story told in Freestyle. We went on Vacation and visited Ghost Town and there were three people that played out an old Western shoot out. The man and his sister were Bank robbers and you could hardly tell that she was a woman by her actions and clothing. They had a shoot out with the Sheriff and the Sheriff shot her in the leg and then shot her brother. I became so wrapped up in the play that I got caught up in it and yelled out, "No, don't shoot him! That's my Daddy! Everyone got a good laugh out of it and my husband has it all on tape. He has on a couple of occasions pulled out the DVD and showed our relatives to give them a good laugh and embarrass me. We did have a wonderful time though and I tend to be a little into drama anyway.
    Now, guess what? I was thinking that you had read 'The Tale of a Cowgirl' instead of 'Wild Horses.' Please forgive me, I was writing without thinking about which poem that you read. I also wrote a short story tonight titled, 'Joe's Cafe.' I really don't know where that story came from but I wrote it so I posted it just for the sake of putting the words on paper. I know that you know how sometimes your mind floods with so many thoughts that you have to write them before you forget them.
    It sounds like you have just as much on your hands to care for as we do. Have a good night and a beautiful day tomorrow. It has been nice meeting you and sharing our thoughts. I hope to talk to you again soon. My phone number is: 937-849-6025 and you can call me Tamm if you want to talk sometime. I will say good-night for now.

    Spiritual Harmony

    Posted By tamm0449 | Apr 23, 2007

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