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    Wind WindXSaul

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    I can't hear the words as they come from my mouth
    I can't hear the screams as they work their way out
    As I write all is seen is a blur and blank moment and
    Once recovered sensed the words were written,not
    Even a look to see what was written only to know it
    Was there.Sleepless night,taunt filled faces horde my
    Dreams.Have this made me fall so low no longer am I
    Am I able to stand on my own to feet.How many times
    Will you make me cry before claiming only to being a
    Witness in a crime,your crime. Putting on that face
    Working the crowds with amazing easily,how I hate you
    Yes all the thing I think about revolve around you.
    How many times have I witness myself wound my self
    With your blade? As though under a spell doing as order
    Without a cry to the world what made me so diligent ?
    But no longer can you be a witness,No longer can I be
    A witness to these crimes that been committed.Be us both
    Sinners be us both lovers be that we both be cursed
    We shall witness our sins become whole and the love in
    Which we share spread further and further like the flames
    Of hades. May there be peace for sinners in the next world.
    We are both witnesses and at the same time
    We are both sinners one day to become consumed by our
    Own darkness how far will we fall until that moment comes?
    May we be good may we be bad may we fall may we live may
    May we die or carry on we are the Witnesses We are the Sinners
    To this world and the next.

    Posted By Wind | Oct 6, 2012

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