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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TrueBlue, Jun 12, 2007.

    TrueBlue New Member

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    To have a friend quite so dear
    Is a lucky gift so great
    To know someone so lovely
    So true and wonderful
    Is so very close, yes, so very near
    Is something I sincerely want to celebrate
    Because of you, Natalie
    And it shines
    And to listen to the sweet honest beauty
    In your shining spirit, and loving soul
    I wish to usher it on and on, on the journey
    And to watch it, on and on, safely go
    Your silent ways of authenticity;
    A quality of woman, I experience, as a friend, with joy
    Constantly, so much in talk
    Without need of reciprocity
    A relationship I will never take as toy
    So uncommon, even of years so yesterday --
    I pray to never put it in jeopardy
    And never, it, to mock
    For something better we share, imparted, alone
    And, yes, it shines in the sun' providence,
    Above, a grace
    Right on the spot, to take as my own
    While I, daily, walk
    I hope this true friendship
    Lasts and lasts so long with a more meaninful
    "Big L" love
    More than that which is mostly known
    Yes, greater than mere wild romance
    And touch and fever; hot and shove
    That we all outght not condone
    You have taught me to look at the world
    With brand new eyes open and free
    That know of life and poetry and the blowing wind
    That regret not, but sing of triumph's possibility
    I will make the world pearled and jeweled with my poems
    From time to celebrate, to time to cry
    And to bring the affection home, I sought
    And the responses to my whys
    Because, though a jester minstriel, a fool I am not
    Your warmth, compassion, your grace, your vision, unfurled
    There is something in it that it says alot:
    "I'll tell you of a higher love
    This caring dream for everlasting friendships
    To have to face --
    An amicable and steady lot
    Something more touching, moving,
    And more endearing
    Than starlight, moonbeams, and the snow
    Upon my face
    That cannot be forgotten
    Or replaced
    And this is what you've got
    O this life, today, what a lucky woe!!!!"
    This is my place
    And this life need not be a love parade or Barcelona bull race
    Theatre or boxing match graciously bestowed
    It is of yet a silent knowing
    A higher trust formed as of yet untold
    With a happy afforded future but in tow
    Yes, a very touching splendor; an evolved surprise nurtured, in kind
    That man and woman can be kind friends, in life's soul
    In poetic muse; child-joy's endeavor, whole -- not left behind
    Honestly that is real and need never
    Be disguised with hurtful lies in mind, blind --
    And that glows and grows and grows
    That is what I cherish, in my mind
    And remends, the inside, of life's inner foes
    So I take this time to thank you now, Natalie
    Today I take the time to say to you
    Thank you, my friend, for always being there
    And how you listened and supported me
    Always, with such care
    And with heart, through and through
    Yes, O, I thank this world for making friends of us
    What a sweet thing to do
    Your friendship I will never neglect
    Or betray your trust
    And I will never forget
    A friend like you

    Posted By TrueBlue | Jun 12, 2007

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