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Discussion in 'Emotional Romantic' started by Tanax, Oct 7, 2007.

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    You, and me

    None of us have had it easy, and we both did cry,
    and if you want, we could comfort eachothers, at least try,
    because saying our lives have been easy would be such a lie.

    I want you to feel good, feel better than just fine,
    I will help you, eventhough you aren't mine,
    because I get so happy when I see your face shine.

    I think I more than just like you, I love you,
    and one thing is for sure, I know that, what ever I'm feeling, is true,
    I mean, a lot of things during our time we've been through.

    Your soft sweet lips, body on fire, longing for caress,
    oh god I wish I had the guts to tell you, to confess,
    but everything is just a mess, it's not exactly like any game of chess.

    It all started that morning, from the mist you came,
    I wish I knew you earlier, and for that I'm ashame,
    god, this madness I'm in haven't been like a walk of fame.

    It's horrible, worse than you could ever think of,
    but for you, eternal love I vow,
    I never felt it so strong before, so much love.

    I can hardly resist it to go anywhere,
    and I know that with you, my life I wish to share,
    we deserve eachothers, but then again, since when were my life fair?

    Posted By Tanax | Oct 7, 2007

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