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    Tanax Member

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    In remembrance of Emma: http://jpicforum.info/forum/miscellaneous/lost-friend-emma-144.html

    You Will Always Be Remembered

    It's getting harder each day remembering,
    your smile, your eyes, your laughter and your touch.
    Your way of talking, your way of walking,
    your voice when you used to sing the songs you loved so much.

    Sometimes I'm scared that I will completely forget you,
    because every memory is getting fuzzier and more surreal.
    Sometimes I'm scared that the moments we shared,
    was something from a dream and not for real.

    It has now been six long years,
    since you left us, left me..
    left everyone that cared for you in tears,
    in that horrible horrible tragedy.

    Some days I forget to think about you,
    and it is something that always breaks the heart of my.
    I try my best but sometimes it's not enough,
    so I forget, don't ask me how, don't ask me why.

    I take comfort in the fact that,
    I know what you would say,
    that you would've wanted me to move on and be free.
    I know that you are in a better place,
    looking down on me every day,
    cherishing every minute I smile and just let myself .. be.

    We didn't have each other for very long,
    but still, an impression on me you made.
    You changed me into a better person.
    and your name written in my heart will never fade.

    Posted By Tanax | Jan 12, 2012

    Malekelm New Member

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    Dec 9, 2011
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    ...There is something incredibly honest about rhyming poems...

    I mean, I do not intend to insult you, in any way, but still...

    Along with words, and the nature of the tragedy you write about...The fact that it rhymes really does a job of making it sad...

    As a poet its interesting...

    Anyone who sees this post...

    (sorry for babbling, but bear with me)

    Is it just me? Or wouldn't you agree that, due to the fact that this poem rhymes in a very simplistic manner, a very...unacademic--no, thats not the word. DAMN IT!

    Okay, here goes, This poem rhymes. Like in all the obvious ways. Quite simplistically. And, you would think that meant it made it worse. Or less appealing. Delegitimized it. Right? I mean, that is the general consensus in the poetic society with rhyming poetry...

    And it does do that, don't get me wrong. Right away, I knew I wasn't reading Plath. (Sorry again, I do not intend to insult. Just trying to convey a thought.)

    But the rhyme did something else as well...

    It made it simple in a completely different manner and in that simplicity was a sense of honesty. The stark lamentable tone of the poem somehow alloyed itself with the tragedy at hand...

    I don't know. It was an odd moment of feeling.

    Thank you so much for this poem. So many poets get caught up in writing in a politically acceptable way for fear they might not come off as "real" poets.

    But poems like this remind us what poetry is truly about. Truth. Before skill, before art, before ourselves.

    Posted By Malekelm | Jan 15, 2012
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    Wind WindXSaul

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    Feb 8, 2012
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    This i loved.It gives the pace of someone heart who has lost and is losing that feeling of knowing where the memories are.I'm so glad you posted this

    Posted By Wind | Mar 6, 2012

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