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    just thought it'd be interesting to know & see everyone's definition of love:

    I think love is an idea that has never quite been accomplished - Case-in-point: The Jerry Springer Show

    LOL - but truly - my definition:

    I believe love has a certain amount of TRUE definitions, none of it negative connotations that seems to be the cliche in horrible love-songs-gone-wrong.

    I think love is a unique sharing of peoples sharing in the burden that is LIFE.

    TRUELOVE is quite the same, in that the sharing is between soul-mates. This world is not ready for that!

    Case-in-point.... My Chow Holly.... has mated ins the midsts of HEAT... She has not only found one partner in my other precious beautifully handsome Boston... She's found a beautiful dog down the street who's willing to do the same thing. I suppose what I hint at is the "monogamy" of love, which is a different story entirely...

    I think love is more than "procreation" It's a sharing of the goods and the bads; It's the sharing of the wealths and the poors; Love to me is EQUALITY, FREEDOM & EMANCIPATION from hate!

    Simple! It'd be nice to have someone to love who believes in those ideals... I KNOW I have - but that also is a different story entirely...


    Posted By MsJacquiiC | Sep 19, 2006

    Amzy A friend, Well met.

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    Love? Love is a universal force, a counterbalance to Gravity. While Gravity holds the moon and the sun and the planets and the stars each in perfect balance, Love is there, trying its damnedest to tear everything to shreds.

    Love has many forms. The worst of all, the most insidious is romantic love. This kind of love blinds people of their consequences. This is the love that is associated with heat, and rightly so, for the flame of romantic love will burn you through to your very soul. Romantic love inspired Helen of Sparta to run to Troy, disregarding the consequence of war, the consequence of thousands of lives lost, the consequence of the burning of Troy. Romantic love dissipates and leaves behind broken hearts and broken homes.

    The second greatest pain in the rear is Family Love. This is generally a longer-lasting flame than romantic love, but the scars created will also last longer. This type of love was/is behind the infamous clan wars of Scotland, and many of the wars of Japan. Family love usually instils a sense of responsiblity in its victim, causing him/her to act rashly in the name of "protecting their family" in one form or another.

    There is also 'Friend Love' which is a cheap fly-by-night thing, and can easily be counterfeit. This is often trusted, and the trust is often broken.

    Finally, you have self-love preying on the fragile ego. This love is fickle, and does no good. It developes false confidence to dangerous levels. It triggers depression when it lets you down. And you have no support, for it is all internal.

    Love, in all of its forms, is a sickening, destructive force. Love is for the heartless to administer, and the weak to suffer from. I am weak.

    Posted By Amzy | Sep 19, 2006

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