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    VladiSays New Member

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    Aug 6, 2013
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    That urge to be remembered.
    Wether the first high for the guy - who only recieved peace in his mind when the crack piece is
    aligned with the lips - cracked, chapped, but the saliva still drips,
    or the first time he got saved, turned to a saint, it is all the same...
    We have all lived in a romantic comedy where every hug was a chorus, and every morning held 1920 New Orleans saxphones in its sheets,
    felt good like a pack of marbolos after drinks....
    But right now im just back at home tryina sleep...
    Still dont understand why the beat of my heart is no longer the right rythem to rock me to sleep,
    The thoughts that I keep...
    Stuck in a box, at the top, like away from my feet..
    but i run, i run as if failure was biting at my ankles,
    as if my souls in my soles, and my dreams are being exchanged for my destiny,
    running, running to the first finish line that will greet me with melodies,
    where felonies, can be turned into energy,
    handcuffs into handhugs, and where friends won't turn into enemies..
    Where everything is how my optimistic side sees it,
    Where lighting storms are just two clouds sparring, clenched fists of wind, preparing to take on the summer,
    Summer sunsets that, that God must have hand painted out of colors that a blind man dreams of, painted it, painted it just for you, just for me...
    its life... It should be amazing,
    far from the broken dream catchers and ripped love letters that used to rest in the cases, of pillows- -like willow branches my chin leans towards the pavement.
    please listen....
    Happy people are endagered.... species.
    Smile more often,
    Doesnt mean that your soft, or that your scarrs havent hardened-
    or that the knife marks in your back should all be forgoten,
    it just means that, that there is a rainbow just two streets away,
    that, sunshine is always more memorable than rain,
    and that your smile, your smile, your smile,
    is what every yearbook should feature,
    is what every preacher should preach and every teacher should teach you,
    I imagine that God will dim the lights in heaven the day that smile gets there, its a poem of its own, its a home, away from home,
    I understand,
    that heartbreak and laughter have never been synanoumous,
    But, trust me,
    There is a song worth hearing behind those lips of yours, just try...
    because your laugh is a melody, its the anthem, to the best time, of your life.


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    Posted By VladiSays | Aug 6, 2013

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    LE00EL New Member

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    Oct 23, 2012
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    Impressive, and filled with wisdom.

    Posted By LE00EL | Aug 14, 2013

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